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Rebecca Watson


Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson is the founder of Clear Mind retreats. She is also a Leadership and Career Coach based in London, the author of several books including ‘Conscious Leadership’ and a Visiting Professor with London Metropolitan University.

“I practice yoga and meditation and encourage my coaching clients to do the same. I believe yoga helps us connect to our true selves and reach our highest potential in life. I want to give everyone a chance to experience this environment, not just the senior Executives that I work with.”


Yoga Instructors

Tashi DawaTashi Dawa

Tashi Dawa practices yoga with complete dedication, she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 1996 and started teaching in 2000, she has integrated the methods of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and Dynamic yoga into her workshops and retreats around the world. Born on the east coast of Australia, Tashi lives for adventure, love & bliss in equal measures. She travels regularly to Australia, Asia and Europe involved in yoga and creative arts and her interest in dance, arts and theatre have been easily supported by her daily practice of yoga. She firmly believes that a balanced and joyful life is achievable through the effortless effort afforded by a regular yoga practice; peace and happiness arise naturally by living creatively with a willingness to explore and witness the body/mind in the present moment.

Tashi Dawa is passionate to share her knowledge of yoga and her students agree that it comes as naturally and easily as the river to an ocean. Her classes are creative, sensitive and enjoyable as she invites students to practice a gentle yet invigorating vinyasa flow guided by the dynamic yoga training method. She is an experienced and professional yoga instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience, qualified in Thai Yoga and Ayurvedic
massage as well as having a Masters in Community Cultural Development.

Tashi Dawa means ’happy moon’, this is the name given to her by her parents.It’s a common Tibetan name which she finds a great pleasure to wear.

For more info visit www.tashidawa.com
Raphaella Rose

Raphaella Rose of Yoga Ishta Style is passionate about her work and aims to create a space (in her classes) where students can use their individual intelligence stored in muscles, emotions and memories to guide them in finding beauty and their own power. She teaches in a friendly and accessible way for students of all ages and levels.

Raphaella has practiced yoga for 16 years and taught regular classes since 2005 when she completed a 200hr ISHTA yoga teacher training with Rachel Zinman in Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA.The training focussed on asana, meditation, anatomy and yogic and tantric philosophy. Following this she studied a 500hr advanced yoga teacher apprenticeship. This covered yoga therapy, Sanskrit, and ayurveda. Raphaella since has attended further trainings and workshops and attended classes in the ISHTA System of teaching with Alan Finger – founder of ISHTA Yoga, Jean Koener, Douglass Stewart – Senior ISHTA yoga teachers and studied with John Friend, Douglas Brooks and Susana Garcia Blanco – Anusara Yoga and Shiva Rea.

Raphaella has a Bachelor of Communications in Media Production and spent several years working in radio, TV and On-Air marketing. Australian born, once a competitive rhythmic gymnast, she spent time in America teaching yoga to teenagers before moving to London in 2006, where for 2 years she taught ISHTA yoga, Pregnancy and Mums & Baby classes in Central London at various studios including Earthlife Kew, Go-Yoga and the Life Centre in Notting Hill. Currently Barcelona based Raphaella teaches classes in both Spanish and English and organises yoga retreats in Europe and beyond.



Mel Lowe Fismer

I started my journey along the yoga path about 15 years ago after witnessing the debilitating effects of a stroke which incapacitated my father. I believe that we are totally in control of our own destinies and that through taking responsibility for our own health and wellbeing we can live enriched lives. This is my life’s purpose and I’ve dedicated myself to helping people unravel and uncover their truth through yoga practice.

I was blessed to be able to learn from the source, my first yoga teachers training course was in 2006 in an ashram in India, I returned to the ashram in 2009 and took the advanced teachers training course. Upon my return to London I started practicing Bikram Yoga and fell instantly in love with the heat. In 2011 I spent 9 intensive weeks training to become a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor with Bikram Choudhury in LA. I have been teaching full time since and more recently trained with Ana Forrest and have completed both the Foundation as well as the Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Trainings. I teach a variety of styles namely Forrest Yoga, Fierce Grace Yoga, Bikram Yoga including Forrest Yoga workshops and workshops to children, teenagers and adults with learning disabilities.

When I’m not teaching, which is hardly ever I find great joy in hanging out with my husband and playing with “Pixie” my cat as well as my two bearded dragons “Shakti” & “Kali”. Always speak your truth even if your voice shakes.



Sarah Wilde

Sarah Wilde

Sarah is one of only five authorised senior Dynamic Yoga teachers, with over 2,000 hours of certified training. She is the senior teacher of dynamicyogateacher.co.uk and runs a very busy schedule teaching courses, classes and workshops in and around London and Essex and Europe, she also runs and co-teachers the UK Dynamic Yoga Teacher Training Immersions.

Through direct experience, Sarah feels that yoga can bring us to a greater sense of who and what we are, becoming more comfortable with what we discover along the way. As a teacher she is able to open those doors for others, giving her students the opportunity to uncover the inherent wisdom inside their own bodies, while bringing them closer to feeling deeply intimate with who and what they are.

Her teaching is thorough, clear and to the point, at the same time being supportive, gentle and insightful.

Sarah is also a superb cook, and has developed her skills through macrobiotics to bring ‘Yoga and Cooking’ days to her London Yoga Studio. She has been a head chef at the Windfire Yoga Retreat in France for the past two summers, and at the Dynamic Yoga Bhoga Festival in Spain.  You can follow her blog and read a little more about her delicious cooking at www.travellingyogichef.com


susanaMy name is Susana , I’m 34 years old and from the Balearic Islands .

I spent the last 10 years travelling, studying & cooking in between Europe and Asia.

I’m a passionate Mediterranean fusion cook, love the mix between vegan cooked, raw & super foods. I’m able to prepare dishes in different styles and always feeling ready to learn more and adapt to new kitchens.

After my studies I directed my artistic skills to healthy foods, where I found myself totally inspired and better connected to my true nature.

At RST I studied intensively about raw foods and cooking techniques then I have worked in Vegetarian restaurants (www.amalteaygovinda.com, www.iskon barcelona.com) and set up my own vegetarian Catering business in Barcelona (www.chakraw.com, www.pranasoul.com)

I am now a full time chef for yoga retreats in Goa, Ibiza and have just joined the team at Clear Mind for their Spanish Yoga & Coaching Retreats.

I also run cooking and raw workshops. I hope you enjoy my delicious as well as super healthy food.x