Yoga and Coaching

Rebecca Watson is the founder of Clear Mind Yoga and Coaching Retreats:

‘If you’ve ever done a yoga class and felt some emotions coming up then I believe that is because we store unprocessed emotions in the body. In the private 1:1 coaching sessions you will have the chance to talk about what that might be, in a safe and confidential place. Perhaps you will have a light-bulb moment, or process something from the past that you are still holding on to. Sometimes we are scared to do this – and the Coaching is only there on your week with us as an optional support if you’d like to take it up. I hope you do :)’

My work for the last 15 years as a coach has led me to understand that we need to connect to the wisdom of our bodies to truly discover who we are and what we want to experience in our lifetime – yoga is an amazingly gentle and fun way to do this.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years and always encourage my clients in London to take it up – it has helped me gain clarity of thinking, a deep sense of peace as well as an easy, enjoyable way to keep my body fit and healthy.

I believe that you have the power to create the life that you desire, whatever your background, race, gender or current financial position! So I love working with people to help them transform how they see themselves and their possibilities, I love watching my clients get clear on what they want and then take baby steps to make it happen.’